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AZDW was founded in 1938 as the first caucus of the state party. Some founding members include Jerry Emmett, Lorraine Frank, Rose Mofford, Sybil Udall, and Judy Goddard. Jerry Emmett was active up until her death at 104. When the National Federation of Democratic Women was formed in 1971, we joined them as a chapter in their efforts to support women’s voices within the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Two former board members are active with a new national organization called United Democratic Women, the President Carol Comito and Treasurer Cathy Hozian.


Today, the mission of Arizona Democratic Women is to find ways to bring together individual Democratic women and existing women’s organizations in Arizona to increase the synergy among them so that women can have a real voice in decisions affecting the future of Arizona.


The purpose of the AZDW is to promote women's interests in the Democratic Party and give the Party loyal and active support. This will be accomplished by attaining knowledge of the Party’s history and its platform, uniting women to work toward its causes, and encouraging their full participation at every level of the party structure.

We regard the equal representation of women in Arizona government, in state offices, in the state legislature, in county offices, on city councils, and on school boards, as important for women to ensure access to Arizona’s democratic institutions.

In today’s political arena, women make up more than 50% of the voting population. Women have become one of the nation’s most vocal, strongest, and reliable constituencies. Whether it's grassroots organizing, leading a cause, or spearheading a movement, women are always at the forefront. The influence that a large female constituency can have on elected representatives is often underestimated. All elected officials realize they depend on their female constituencies to campaign and keep them in office. For this reason, they must always consider the opinions and perspectives of women. A well-organized group of women, working together for a common cause can make a huge difference in the outcome of an issue.

The Board Members for 2023-2025


Toni Denis, President

JoAnna Mendoza, 1st Vice President

Lisa Fitzgerald, Treasurer

Laura Metcalfe, Recording Secretary

Judy Stahl, Member-at-Large

Tracy Smiles, Chair of DWPA

Heather Patenaude, Board Member & Chair of KFDW

Carol Comito, Past President

Contact Information

(928) 848-2753

2237 Shadow Ridge Drive

Prescott, AZ 86305


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