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As part of our mission to advance the causes and candidates of the Democratic Party, the AFDW will provide qualified women running for office a scholarship for candidate training.


The proposal would provide three (3) scholarships based on dividing the state of Arizona into three (3) regional areas from which the recipients would reside. One (1) scholarship per region would be awarded. If no qualified candidate is found per region, then the scholarship for that region would not be provided.


The scholarship amount proposed per region would be determined yearly by the AFDW Board. It would be paid to the selected scholarship recipient upon proof of acceptance to a qualified candidate training.


The scholarship would be offered yearly to qualified candidates based upon region.


Priority would be given to any female AFDW current member (paid membership for that fiscal year) or any female relative of a current female AFDW member who has:

  1. Expressed an interest in running for office

  2. Provides a resume

  3. Meets with the AFDW Executive Board for an interview

  4. Has been accepted to EMERGE candidate training, which is recognized by the AFDW

  5. Running for any elected office in AZ whether it be a federal, state, or local office


The results of this scholarship would be:

  1. Show support as a statewide organization (AFDW) to Democratic AZ women

  2. Provide an incentive for membership growth

  3. Demonstrate a reason to pay membership dues and support fundraising opportunities

  4. Support the mission of the AFDW – encouraging, educating and electing female candidates for elected office in Arizona

Proposal for Women Running for Office
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