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Gov. Katie Hobbs being sworn in on January 2, 2023.

Gov. Hobbs Protects

 Reproductive Rights 


When women's rights groups reached out to Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs with proposals to secure reproductive rights in the state through executive orders supporting abortion and over-the-counter access to birth control, she didn't hesitate to move forward, despite the predictable outcry from anti-choice groups and Republicans.

We couldn't be prouder of Gov. Hobbs for her bravery, hard work, and commitment to women's rights in this state. Due to the barriers to access to abortion and contraception for women in poverty or who are living in rural areas, this will make a tremendous difference.


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“Abortion doesn't belong in the political arena. It's a private right like many other rights concerning the family.”

Bella Abzug

American Feminist

 New York Congresswoman


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From the President

At a recent Democratic Women of the Prescott Area luncheon, Jodi Liggett of the Arizona Center for Women’s Advancement spoke about how a coalition of pro-choice groups is working on the legal language and process for getting a state constitutional amendment on the ballot next year. Liggett, a firebrand with decades of legislative experience, believes that next year will be the turning point for the state legislature—if we work hard enough to turn it blue. Liggett said pro-choice organizations were behind Gov. Hobbs’s recent executive order to protect reproductive freedom, preventing county attorneys from prosecuting women for abortions.

 The Executive Order:

  1. Centralizes Authority over Abortion-Related Prosecutions through Attorney General Kris Mayes

  2. Restricts Investigative Assistance: The Governor has directed state agencies not to assist in reproductive-related investigations unless ordered by a court or required by federal law.

  3. Restrictions on Extraditions: Governor Hobbs is using her executive discretion to decline extradition requests from other states seeking to prosecute individuals who provide, assist with, seek, or receive abortion services that wouldn’t be punishable under Arizona law.

  4. Advisory Council on Protecting Reproductive Freedom: Governor Hobbs establishes a Council to make recommendations that expand access to sexual and reproductive healthcare in Arizona.

I believe this is only the opening salvo in support of women's reproductive rights for the coming election year and that we can prevail.

Yours in the Fight,

Toni Denis

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We hold a Women in Blue event every year at the State Capitol or a luncheon venue, where Democratic legislators brief us on the latest session. We encourage members to write or call their representatives. We support women candidates, both with our communications and our money.


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